The best method to forget ED and issues with sex life.

Even experienced men are sometimes faced with the fact that at the critical moment when you want to make a special impression on your partner, something goes wrong and instead show off in all its glory, a man going on premature ejaculation. For many men, especially young and older men, the problem is one of the main and in order to get rid of failure, they are ready for anything. Bitter disappointment often perceives even those partners who have been married more than a year.

What can be advised in this case? How to extend the time of sexual intercourse and avoid premature ejaculation? First of all, you are sure to find out the cause of this problem, which will help to find the right way and, if necessary, undergo treatment drugs or use surgical treatment. How to prolong intercourse? Premature ejaculation in men does not occur by itself, as a rule, this process has its explanation:
inexperience in sexual activity that goes with time;
single premature ejaculation is often due to the large spacing between sexual acts, that is, with an irregular sexual life;
a new partner;
depression, failure, anxiety before intercourse;
diseases of the genitourinary system; psychological trauma associated with frequent failures and failures in the sexual sphere;
hormonal disorders, physical trauma, as well as the side effects of those or other medicines;
fear of failure, or sexual repression;
increased sensitivity of the glans penis.

Medical way to solve problem

One of the ways to prolong sexual intercourse is to take pills.
What pills to increase potency is best for men? The modern pharmaceutical market offers a lot of tools that can raise an erection up to desired height. But which ones are the most effective, where to buy pills – in the pharmacy or on Internet sites that promote means to increase male potency? Next will be given the rating of popular drugs prescribed by the doctor, depending on what caused the decrease in potency.
When it is an acute need, men are beginning to suffer from a lot of money, according to them, can return to its former intimate effect immediately. But do it clumsily, “at random” over the years consuming generic Viagra or dietary supplements, which are read on the internet by accident. As a result, they get a short-term improvement in potency ghost, disappearing completely in the absence of stimulant tablets.
Why is this happening? The fact is that the self-appointed man considers only one parameter – the unpleasant symptoms of the weakening of erection quality and the inability to carry out the sexual act.
That is why any pills recovery drive should appoint urologist considering the reasons that influenced the potency, it is only by eliminating the pathological factors, can achieve significant improvement in private life, including via tablets.