Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil CitrateNowadays on the pharmaceutical market, there are many products containing sildenafil. Analogs, the price of which in some cases is slightly lower than the well-known to all “Viagra” are in great demand among buyers. The names of medicines do not always contain the name of the active ingredient.
In the available for sale can be found the sildenafil generic. Other tablets name does not mean that they belong to a drug with a different chemical composition.

The same, except for the names of different drugs containing Sildenafil?

Price – is the first thing that draws attention to any consumer. The most expensive are considered the original “Viagra”, patented in the last century. Cheaper analogs of which are produced in Poland, Ukraine, India and other countries, contain an absolutely identical amount of active ingredient. Lower costs due to the use of cheaper auxiliary components and production conditions. The most “pure” in relation to the content of impurities are considered pill “sildenafil”, produced in Croatia. The largest number of various impurities contained in the formulations, produced by pharmaceutical companies in India. However, it should be taken into account that the number of foreign substances in the active substance has practically no effect on the effectiveness of drugs.
Composition formulations main active substance preparations similar Viagra is sildenafil citrate in a dosage of 25, 50 or 100 mg per tablet. In addition, each tablet contains the excipients: lactose, titanium dioxide, triacetin and indigo carmine, which gives the characteristic blue color of the tablets.
Sildenafil Tablets often look like a lenticular light blue diamond. Analogs “Viagra”, or so-called generic drugs manufactured by Indian pharmacists, may take the form of tablets, which are easy to take. These forms of preparations are convenient to use since the beginning to be absorbed in the mouth, because of what their effect occurs much earlier than the “Viagra”.

Pharmacological properties of sildenafil

The pharmacological properties of preparations containing sildenafil, based on its ability to interact with the natural enzymes that are directly involved in the filling of the penis with blood, namely, cyclic guanosine monophosphate. The enzyme stabilizing the amount of nitrogen oxide that supports blood vessels of the penis in an expanded state. Sildenafil inhibits other enzymes splitting of cGMP so that erection becomes more prolonged and sustained. It should be noted that in the case of preparation sildenafil citrate online instruction on the need for a warning of arousal, as means not capable of independently initiating blood flow to the cavernous or cavernous bodies in the penis. That is why in order to achieve the result necessary to carry out male sexual stimulation that causes an erection. Lack of stimulation can mean the complete absence of swelling of the penis. Sildenafil reviews In addition to the men’s version, there are similar drugs for their mates.