Privacy Policy Statement is missioned to keep your information safe, secure and private. We know how sensitive health information is we make sure that we keep yours safe and keep you updated with what information we have collected about you. The information you find here is subject and product of our entire company including all our branches. Every time you visit our site ( you are subjected to our privacy policy and our terms and conditions.

The personal information we collect collects only the information you feel comfortable to provide to us. This is through compulsory services like applications and registration where you give us your name, email address and maybe your credit card number.

How we use that information

To make our services available

The information we collect helps us improve the quality of medical information we offer at We get to know the type of information most clients ask for therefore making it available for you on our site. All this is meant to improve the information we offer and make sure that you can access it without much strain.

To give you access to external links

Our site contains various external links and third parties. These will help you recommend a friend or share some helpful information. You will have a direct link to social media sites where you can share your story with friends.

To keep you authenticated

Once you provide us with your log in details, we keep it safe and make sure you never get locked out of your account. We therefore keep your log in details so that you can access your account anytime you want.

To check the trends in our services

We always need to see if our customers have found help in our websites. We therefore always ready to hear from you if we have been helpful.

To enable you access special privileges

We always make sure that only genuine clients get full access to the special products and services of With your eligibility information, we are able to keep out imposters from using the information we provide at

How We Share Your Personal Information

In compliance with law

We can only disclose your information after getting the necessary document like a court order or any other legal process.

Business partners and service providers

We have business partners who provide us with the needed services and products. This may include credit card companies even email and web hosting companies and any other relevant company. We may provide these companies with relevant information to ensure quality services and products for you.

Business sales or ownership

It may happen that we sell a certain branch of our company or we transfer it to another administration. We will share your information and demand that they keep your information consistent with this privacy policy.

Other privacy terms

Information security

We keep your information secure and private at any time. You don’t have to feel unsecure with
Changes and duration of application
This privacy statement applies for all products and services. We may change the terms now and then but this will be with your consent.