Pills for raising male desire and the variety on the worldwide market.

Sex is an integral part of our life because it affects not only the health but also on emotional state. Intimate problems in the pair, always have a negative impact on the relationship. If at some point in your life, you feel decreased sexual desire for his partner, it is important to take timely action. Luckily, today there is no any problem in trying to find the optimal way to deal with the problem. And these ways are variable.
A field of sexual desire in men using oral tablets, capsules, and drops. For drugs that are applied topically, lubricants include sprays and creams. They achieve the effect due to increased blood flow to the manhood. Means for providing a relaxing effect penis that leads to vasodilation and increased blood circulation. Most drugs that stimulate sexual desire increase the production of the male hormone testosterone. It promotes the growth of libido and sexual stamina. Pathogens are fast, and the effect lasts for 4-5 hours to several days. At this time, improved quality of erection, increase the number of sexual intercourse, and the gap between them decreases.

Side effects of exposure

The principles of male and female agents, it can be noted that they both accelerate blood flow in the body. This is the cause of the most common side effects from their use – redness of the face and other body parts. Fear is not worth it, as such an effect – a normal physiological response of the body, which lasts very long. In some cases, the pathogens cause a headache and dizziness. An exciter for women in pharmacies Reception synthetic means may be accompanied by heart palpitations. Usually, the side effects from the use of stimulants occur when you select the wrong drug or in excess of the permissible dose. To avoid unpleasant consequences, before using the pathogen should consult a doctor. The specialist will help you choose an effective remedy and determine a safe dosage. Which pathogens better? The range of pathogens of sexual desire, proposed in pharmacies and stores, it is difficult to determine. A wide range of prices and quality of different compositions give the buyer a difficult choice. To purchase gave the expected result, we take a look at the main forms of release agents and consider the most effective of them.
Viagra is a name known to all. An effective drug that can solve not only men but also women’s intimate problems. The tablets increase blood circulation in the genital organs and make them more susceptible. The male and female version of Viagra different composition and the principle of action. The active component of the drug – sildenafil. Strong sex it helps to cope with sexual dysfunction and improves the quality of erection. Ladies who use drugs with sildenafil say that sex brings more fun, the amount of natural vaginal lubrication and orgasm increases the duration. Despite the effectiveness of the tablets have a number of contraindications, therefore before use should consult a specialist.