High-quality pills in the fight zone for a good erection.

Reasons of problems

The main causes of short sexual intercourse in men can serve a variety of diseases and disorders:
Cardiovascular abnormalities.
Thyroid disease.
Obesity or degeneration.
Inflammation and trauma of the genitourinary system.
Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis.

The decrease of sexual power of men can be continuously taking strong drugs, especially hormonal. Adversely affected by alcohol and drugs.
If rapid ejaculation during sex is rare, and then there is no reason to worry – this may be the result of fatigue or nervous tension in men. If, however, short-lived sexual acts occur regularly, you should consult a specialist to identify and eliminate the cause of the violation. special tablets can be assigned to the extension of intercourse.

Medical treatment

Many pills should not take men with kidney failure, diseases of the brain. As for side effects, the instructions to the drugs most often indicate a possible allergic reaction, nausea, diarrhea, high blood pressure, headache, palpitations. These side effects are aggravated by the wrong medication consumption, so it is important to follow the dosage of the means employed.
What kind of pills to choose to prolong sex? Depending on the wishes of the effect, the speed, and duration of action of the drug, as well as financial possibilities of men. In fact, all of the pills have a slightly different effect on each person, so it is necessary to select them individually.
Lately, it has become the market there are many products designed to improve your love life. It may be drugs simply enhancing sexual desire, may be those that prolong sexual intercourse, increasing erection and can be combined drugs with combined effects. Previously, these drugs are taken only in old age, when for instance, a man is already 70, and from the abuse of alcohol and cigarette smoke at it for a long time at ready position, but now many people simply want to improve their sex life do sensations more vivid, or simply not to funk in front of your partner, which you see the sexual giant.
Many drugs are based on the active ingredient that has an effect of about half an hour after taking in the case of the presence of a sexual object. This means that if you take the drug and will board prepare accounts, the miracle did not happen. The mechanism here is based on the supply of the corpora cavernosa of the penis with blood and covers the return flight. Thus, it is possible to take a pill and half an hour will be scheduled if sex, everything must pass as can more successfully. After sexual intercourse, everything comes back to normal. The only preparation itself is not cheap, but it’s quite affordable. Nowadays there are ways, which help to get that kind of pills, which you really need, without spending huge money. The problem is just to find an online store, in which it can be found discounts. Usually in online store prices are more affordable.